From scientific and clinical researchers

"The fear of total annihilation with physical death, has probably caused more suffering in human history than all the physical diseases combined. In Greater Reality Living® , authors Dr. Mark Pitstick and Dr. Gary Schwartz provide a potential 'cure' for this malady: evidence for the survival of consciousness following death and methods of contacting those who have died.

There is another compelling reason why their proposals are crucial. We are witnessing a global epidemic of greed, selfishness, and destruction of our planet because of the 'get it while you can' philosophy that is based on the assumption that this earthly life is the only life there is. Our survival as a species may depend on whether this suicidal trend can be halted and reversed. The concepts in this book are vital to this task.” 

- Larry Dossey M.D
., author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters


"In Greater Reality Living, Drs. Mark Pitstick and Gary Schwartz summarize the overwhelming evidence for the reality of the afterlife. Theirs is a work of compassion and wisdom that all will find most useful. They also provide a host of practical recommendations to help this world move to an unprecedented level of harmony and fulfillment here and now. This can occur through the progressive awakening of souls to the extraordinary truth that life is eternal.” 

- Eben Alexander M.D
., neurosurgeon and author of Living in a Mindful Universe and Proof of Heaven


“This book by Dr. Mark Pitstick and Dr. Gary Schwartz brings together an enormous quantity of information that seems to relate to a realm of conscious existence beyond death. I like their “how-to” approach to integrating ideas about the afterlife with the practical realities of this life.” 

- Raymond A. Moody, Jr. M.D., Ph.D.
, author of Life After Life 


"Greater Reality Living is THE book most relevant to our greater life – the real and true life. Learning how to integrate this knowledge into everyday living may be the greatest achievement in the here-and-now segment of our real and true life. This integration is more than useful, it is necessary for the sake of everyone. Deepest appreciation to Mark and Gary for showing the way! 

- Dr. Ervin Laszlo
, author of Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.


“Gary Schwartz and Mark Pitstick are two of the leading thinkers who have provided abundant proof that death is not a dead end and that in fact we are eternal beings. In this seminal book, they present the evidence to support their claims and, more than that, offer many suggestions and resources for how to live in the light of such knowledge. Greater Reality Living is indeed a much-needed treasury of spiritual wisdom for our time.”

- Ken Ring Ph.D.,
author of Lessons from the Light


"Greater Reality Living is an extremely comprehensive examination of the evidence for life after death. It fact, it reveals that death is only a transition from one level of reality (life on Earth) to another far larger and greater level of reality (life in the spirit world.) In addition, this profound book discusses some of the many implications of eternal life and how we can live more fully and richly now for the benefit of others and ourselves. This is one book you will definitely want to read and reread many times!”

- Bill Guggenheim,
co-author of Hello from Heaven!


“Having a NDE as a 4-year old and a past life experience clarified for me why I was living this life. This book is about the truth; the sooner we accept and learn from it, the better off we will be. Bodies die, consciousness does not. We are not our bodies.” 

- Bernie Siegel, M.D.,
author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles 


“In recent years, the topic of survival after bodily death has been taken seriously by a growing number of academics and researchers. In this remarkable book, Mark Pitstick and Gary Schwartz summarize the evidence for survival and describe innovative technology that can foster this perennial search. They bring their readers a message of hope as well as an engaging account of their explorations on this frontier of consciousness studies. 

- Stanley Krippner Ph.D.,
co-author of Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them


“Both Mark Pitstick and Gary Schwartz, each in his own way, have been pioneers in exploring reality from a non-materialist perspective, one as a clinician, the other as an experimentalist. That is one of the things that makes Greater Reality Living an interesting book. It is grounded in the continuity of consciousness and its insights are based on real experimental data, all written in a manner that can be adapted to your life. This book is worth your attention.” 

- Stephan A. Schwartz M.A.
, author of The 8 Laws of Change


“This book is a must for all who are interested in science and spirituality as well as personal health and optimal development. It addresses very deep questions related to life and death, brain and consciousness, and particularly after-death existence. Dr. Schwartz is a reputable professor who presents evidence-based information that may be used by other scientists as guidance to the emerging science of consciousness. Dr. Pitstick contributes practical advice ranging from personal development to the real food way of eating. I was unable to stop reading this book and plan to read it again in a more thoughtful way.” 

– Konstantin Korotkov Ph.D.,
author of two-hundred scientific papers and 11 books


“I was killed in a motorcycle wreck in 1970 but later came back to life. Half a century ago, our best science was unable to comprehend what happened to me, yet I no longer feared death. Today, medical science realizes that near-death experiences are real. Overwhelming evidence replicated in several scientific fields has also proven conclusively that individual consciousness survives physical death.

My esteemed colleagues Dr. Mark Pitstick and Dr. Gary Schwartz have wonderfully presented these important discoveries in Greater Reality Living. This book will allow you to overcome the fear of death and be secure in the knowledge that your consciousness is eternal.” 

- Alan Ross Hugenot Engr. Sc.D.,
author of The New Science of Consciousness Survival


This book offers resources galore for individuals wishing to incorporate scientific findings concerning life after death into their own daily living experience. I especially appreciated the section defining terms that are often misused or misunderstood in our culture, followed by those that are considered more appropriate and accurate. I also enjoyed a glimpse into the work in progress on what could become an important new approach to spirit communication - the “SoulPhone.” 

- Jeffrey Mishlove Ph.D.,
host/producer, New Thinking Allowed


“Dr. Gary Schwartz is a highly productive scientist exploring the nature and primacy of consciousness, and how our views on consciousness influence our treatment of humanity and the planet. His co-author Dr. Mark Pitstick is a clinician who has spent many years working with patients who were suffering and going through the dying process. In this book, scientist and clinician come together as a team to give us a broad summary of evidence that consciousness survives bodily death.

Perhaps of even greater importance, the many life-changing experiences they describe in this book show how this new understanding can change our lives. This allows us to perceive a new depth to reality that is filled with more meaning and greater compassion for others and the planet.” 

- Marjorie Woolacott Ph.D.
, author of Infinite Awareness and neuro-science professor at the University of Oregon


From evidential mediums and spiritual teachers

“In this cutting edge, groundbreaking book, evidence-based research is used as the foundation that consciousness exists beyond the death of the body. Schwartz and Pitstick answer life’s most existential questions about the nature of reality and how to expand awareness beyond our usual senses. Clearly, there is no real separation between this world and ‘the world beyond.’” 

- Anita Moorjani
, author of Dying to Be Me and What If This Is Heaven?


“This book is a prescription for healing the world, within and without, by changing our awareness that what we may consider the physical world is part of a far greater reality. Read this life-changing information and take those steps so clearly and convincingly enumerated in these inspiring pages that speak to your heart. You cannot help but experience a change in consciousness.” 

- Suzanne Giesemann MPA
, author of Messages of Hope


“I have had the privilege and honor working alongside Dr. Schwartz from the beginning when he took the huge plunge of scientifically proving that consciousness and love continue after death. As a pioneer medium, I have been awestruck by Gary's dedication and tireless devotion to the concept that – without a doubt – ‘we don't die.’

Gary now has a colleague, Dr. Mark Pitstick, who shares his passion for what everyone desires to know: we can, and do, connect with our loved ones who have journeyed into spirit. We will see them again one day. This book will open the door to your heart, answer the questions you grapple with, and prove that physical death is not the end.” 

- Suzane Northrop
, medium, author, radio and TV host, grief and bereavement expert


“Be prepared to purchase several copies because this book will resonate with diverse ages and backgrounds. Until I read Greater Reality Living, I did not realize something was missing in the afterlife and self-help book genres. It is one thing to believe that your soul is eternal, but quite another to live your life as though you know it. This wonderfully and soulfully written book will help readers move from belief into action.

Gary Schwartz and Mark Pitstick share elegant yet simple tools and practices that readers can immediately employ to release unnecessary fears and live their most sublime levels of life. In a word, brilliant!” 

- Susanne Wilson M.A.,
medium, spiritual teacher and author of Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication


“Don’t expect a dry scientific dissertation or a fluffy “unicorns and rainbows” fantasy with Greater Reality Living. Co-authors of this book are Drs. Gary Schwartz and Mark Pitstick, two of the most profound afterlife experts of our time. An eloquent page turner written in an easy to understand and uplifting manner, Greater Reality Living explains the scientific basis of eternal life and how that knowledge positively affects those of us living in the material world.

The reader will understand that when a loved one’s body dies the energy of that person’s soul / spirit / consciousness lives on in a coherent eternal state - and that loved ones can and will reach out to communicate with us. The wisdom presented in this book is augmented through use of self-exploration exercises which transform the reader from passive observer to active participant.

Greater Reality Living also introduces the reader to the groundbreaking SoulPhone Project, technology that will enable us to communicate directly with spirits. As Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Pitstick have discovered, everything happens for a reason and the time for greater reality living is now!”

 - Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®, author of Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go


"GREATER REALITY LIVING gives us hope for the future evolution of our planet. Esteemed authors and researchers Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Mark Pitstick help us contemplate the eternity of our consciousness and how we can serve the greater good. They give us undeniable evidence that we are eternal beings. This book looks at the big picture and will help heal the world." 

- Tina Powers
, evidential medium and author


“Passionate applause to Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Mark Pitstick for writing Greater Reality Living. This book stands on fact and is written with courage, grace, love, and conviction. They encourage readers to live with those same qualities and realize life is eternal. They lead us to the rich realization that we don’t die – we simply ‘drop the physical body.’ That then begs the question: who and what do you really want to be? It next begins to build an essential path to the possibilities that start with you, then touch all. A much-needed illumination in this day and time for every reader.”

Carl Buehl, television executive producer and evidential medium