Evidence from Research Scientists

Evidence collected by a scientist requires a laboratory or research setting with double-blinded, experimentally controlled, and replicated studies. Further, the findings must be statistically significant, peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal. Topics in this category include: studies of authentic mediums; spirit communication technology; and other scientific evidence for consciousness.

Gary E. Schwartz  Ph.D.  


Evidence from Clinicians

Evidence from a medical or psychological clinician requires systematic collection and analysis of data in a professional office, hospital, or field setting. Categories include: near-death experiences, past life memories, perinatal research, life between lives studies, terminal lucidity, and death bed visions.

Mark Pitstick MA. DC. 

Evidence from Person Having Firsthand Experience

Evidence in this category is perceived and analyzed by the person having the direct experience. Categories include: after-death communications; out-of-body experiences; other types of firsthand experiences.

We provide an overview of the data and examples for each
category of evidence in the Greater Reality Living
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