Online Greater Reality Living® Groups will be held twice per month during
morning and evening hours Eastern time to enable people around the world to attend.

  • The meetings will NOT be recorded for confidentiality reasons.
  • Note: these are meetings, not webinars, so others will be able to see and hear you.
  • A donation of $5 (USD) is requested to cover the foundation’s ongoing expenses. 
  • We will soon give update on how to register for the next online meeting.  Please  visit us again here soon.


Online Group Dates and Times

Online groups will meet at two times each month:

  • first Tuesday of each month at 10 am Eastern time
  • third Thursday of each month at 8 pm Eastern time


Topic Schedule 

(Meeting topics repeat every six months)

April 2019: Overview of Keys to Greater Reality Living®
Learn the five parts to the greater reality living vision and how that can improve your life and our world.

May 2019: Learn the Evidence that Your Consciousness Survives Physical Death
A review of the most compelling scientific and clinical data that strongly indicates life continues after bodily death. 
June 2019: Internalize the Great News That You Are a Forever Being
Learn how to move past an intellectual understanding and deeply know that the vast majority of who and what you are is eternal.

July 2019: Vitalize Yourself in Body, Mind, and Spirit
Acquire greater knowledge about how to fine-tune yourself so you are more balanced, happy, and vibrantly healthy.

Aug 2019: Enjoy the Many Benefits of Greater Reality Living
This session will share the ways knowing your deathless nature improves your life now and always.

Sep 2019: Serve Others – and yourself – and Make the World a Better Place
Helping others helps the giver and the recipients. Learn how you can make a difference in our world and upgrade the quality of your life in the process.