NEWS:  Second series of training for Facilitators is ready!!


Would you like to facilitate a group in your area to help people realize life continues after physical death, and how they might live accordingly?


Qualify to Become a Facilitator

Potential facilitators must apply and be approved. Click on the Facilitator Application Form.


Facilitator Support

If you qualify, we’ll provide guidance for you to start and run a group 

  • recommendations for finding a meeting place, promoting your group, and more
  • formatted discussion materials for each group session including videos in English 
  • monthly meetings with Facilitator managers and Facilitators to share in our experience of running groups, and get the latest updates from SoulPhone.
  • access to Facilitators' forum so you can ask and share experience with other Facilitators  
  • support as needed from our volunteer Facilitator Managers:  David, Christine, Tava, Silvia, and Maryam


Facilitator Benefits

The main reward for being a facilitator will no doubt be helping others to awaken to The Greater Reality in your communities.  However, to thank you for all your effort, we have a host of other benefits for you including some free audio recordings.  See here for what is on offer.


For more information, contact us at: