Thank you for supporting Greater Reality Living® , an outreach of the SoulPhoneFoundation.  Various membership opportunities are available for those who want to contribute and help spread the Greater Reality Living vision. 


Friend ($60 or $5 per month)   

one-year membership that includes Greater Reality Living e-book by Drs. Pitstick and Schwartz, and free e-newsletters


Supporter ($120 or $10 per month) 

benefits listed above plus Soul Proof e-book by Dr. Pitstick   

make history by contributing towards research and development of 'spirit' communication devices. This technology will very likely allow visits with “departed” loved ones, as well as luminaries who may be able help us heal and transform ourselves and our world


Advocate ($600 or $50 per month) 

all benefits listed above

The Eleven Questions e-book by Dr. Pitstick

Facilitated After-Death Contact and Ask the Soul Doctor digital audio products

one complimentary webinar 


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The SoulPhone Foundation

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Foundation builder ($1000)  

all benefits listed above 


Benefits listed above

a signed copy of The Sacred Promise by Dr. Schwartz


Radiant Wellness e-book by Dr. Pitstick

Pre-Birth Planning and Ask Your Soul digital audio products 

two complimentary webinars 

one-hour Ask the Soul Doctor session via Zoom with Dr. Pitstick


Lifetime member ($2500)

all benefits listed above

life-time membership of the SoulPhone Foundation

three complimentary webinars

signed copies of The Afterlife Experiments by Gary Schwartz, Greater Reality Living by Drs. Pitstick and 

Schwartz, and Love Eternal by Rhonda Schwartz

one-hour session with highly evidential medium


Circle member ($5000)

all the benefits listed above

additional session with highly evidential medium

"in the queue" for session using spirit communication device (includes cost of session) and complimentary VIP seating at live The SoulPhone Experience presentations


Ambassador ($10,000 or more)  

all the benefits listed above 

priority session using spirit communication device if and when it is ready

additional one-hour session with highly evidential medium

dinner with Dr. Schwartz and tour of Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ (Note: airfare, hotel, and other expenses not included)

Unless otherwise requested, you will be acknowledged on our websites as an Honorary Contributor to the SoulPhone Foundation: SoulPhone Foundation and Greater Reality Living


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