Based on his scientific research, Dr. Gary Schwartz is 99.9% certain that life continues after physical death.   Dr. Mark Pitstick is equally sure based on his knowledge of the afterlife evidence and his personal and professional experiences.


These are very high degrees of certainty

Many reputable scientists, university professors, and physicians agree that your consciousness continues after physical death.

A reliably functioning SoulPhone device will produce proof beyond any reasonable doubt that bodily death is not the end of your life.

You will be able to communicate in one or more ways with your loved ones who have changed worlds.

In addition, “deceased” luminaries – scientists, inventors, educators, leaders, and entertainers who were geniuses while on earth – should be able to share their expanded perspectives and knowledge.


Can you imagine the many benefits all this will create?  

Being able to communicate with "deceased" loved ones and luminaries will create a cascade of positive events.

As Phyllis, Dr. Pitstick’s massage therapist and friend who knows about the SoulPhone recently said: “So many of my clients tell me ‘If only I could talk with my departed loved ones one more time.’ I smile and think ‘If they only knew!’”

Surety that you are an eternal being will create a cascade of positive events. Although the benefits are numerous and vary among individuals, here are some that many people have found meaningful:

  • little or no fear about your bodily death and that of your loved ones
  • certainty that you will see your departed loved ones when you cross over realizing you can have relationships now with dear ones who have passed on
  • deeper knowledge that you are part of integral life source now
  • understanding you have everything you need to survive and even thrive through life's toughest challenges
  • more wisdom about life's existential questions
  • increased clarity and courage to follow your highest callings
  • trusting your inner wisdom and first hand experiences
  • enhanced peace and acceptance about life's challenges
  • greater appreciation for and care of your body
  • loving and making yourself a priority
  • more awareness and gratitude for your Higher Energy Assistance whether you envision this as coming from angels, guides, master teachers, or evolved energies
  • excitement about an eternity of love, service, adventure, growth and enjoyment

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