Updates on the SoulPhone™  2019

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC – Director of the SoulPhone Foundation

December 17, 2018

Summary: Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D. is a professor at the University of Arizona where he directs the Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health and the SoulPhone Project. Dr. Schwartz – and a team of electrical engineers, software programmers, evidential mediums, and hypothesized postmaterial collaborators or HPCs – have worked for nearly ten years to create ‘spirit’ communication technology. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stage 2 SoulPhone technology. The device provides clear evidence with real-time, live demonstrations that at least some ‘deceased’ persons can use the equipment to demonstrate their presence. Further, this device has been tested with (1.) the Operator Skills Test, (2.) the Personal Identification test, and (3.) the Cognitive Understanding test, and shows 80 – 90% replicability. The combination of these tests provide strong evidence of the HPC’s identity and allows for rudimentary communication. 

Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D., formerly a professor at Harvard University and tenured professor at Yale University, has presented more than 450 scientific papers, co-edited 11 academic books, and written 8 for the general public. A senior professor at the University of Arizona, Dr. Schwartz directs the Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health as well as The SoulPhone Project.To learn more about him, visit DrGarySchwartz.com.              

Dr. Schwartz has agreed for me to share the following update, especially for our SoulPhone Foundation members, newsletter subscribers, and Greater Reality Living® group facilitators.

Note: this is not an official announcement or press release. That will occur after his scientific paper about the research has been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal. 

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This update is purposely being released on the 115th anniversary of the first Wright Brothers plane flight. I will share parallels between the development of the airplane and the SoulPhone.

Dr. Schwartz – and a team of electrical engineers, software programmers, evidential research mediums led by Rhonda Schwartz, and hypothesized postmaterial collaborators – have worked on the SoulPhone Project for nearly ten years. (Postmaterial is a term we use to describe people whose earthly forms have died. ‘Postmaterial persons’ no longer live in the material or earthly world that can be sensed by most humans.)

Hypothesized postmaterial collaborators (HPCs) include ‘deceased’ people who were stellar scientists, inventors, entertainers, and teachers while living on earth. They want to help those of us who are experiencing life from an earthly perspective.

To learn more about how these HPCs – collectively called the A-Team – have assisted this project, visit Hypothesized Collaborators at SoulPhone.org. You can also read about these luminaries who are helping the research and development in an article by Rhonda Schwartz included as Appendix I of Greater Reality Living (co-authored by Dr. Schwartz and myself).

Some of the terms in this update may be new or seem complex. However, learning them now can increase your surety that bodily death is not the end of life, and allow you to enjoy the many benefits that accompany that great news.

In the summer of 2018, Dr. Schwartz and his team achieved a breakthrough with the stage 1 SoulSwitch™ prototype. Using computer automated and completely controlled laboratory experiments, this device provided definitive evidence that three different HPCs could use the equipment to accurately identify themselves and validate their involvement. These results have been repeated numerous times and found to be around 80 - 90% replicable.

These HPCs were able to reliably follow computer spoken instructions. An example is: “Touch this part of the device to signal a ‘yes’ answer” or “Keep your hands by your side to signal a ‘no’ answer.”

(As a side note, I would like to address a question that likely just arose in your mind. Yes, early indications are that those whose human form has died can still have hands, arms, and other body parts. They have an ‘energy body’ that is, or can be, just as ‘physical’ as bodies on earth seem to be or perhaps even more so. However, this news is not as earth-shaking as it might first sound, thus the phrase “seem to be”. Humans are not nearly as ‘solid’ as most of our sense organs report; we largely consist of subatomic particles of energy and waves of light amidst lots of space. As such, in a very real sense, humans have ‘energy bodies’ right now. But that is another discussion for another day.)

The following tests have been used with the stage 2 SoulSwitch prototype: Operator Skills Tests, Personal Identification Tests, and Cognitive Understanding Tests. Future research will include Expert Knowledge Tests. These provide additional evidence about the:

  1. continuation of consciousness beyond bodily death
  2. ability of HPCs to interact with the technology 
  3. willingness of postmaterial persons to work with ‘spirit’ communication devices 
  4. ability of current technology to detect answers from those who have ‘passed on’

The Operator Skills Tests are designed to determine whether HPCs can effectively use the technology as instructed. It is essential to first determine whether HPCs can activate the switch in a yes - no fashion. This involves ensuring that they can hear verbal and/or see written instructions provided by proprietary computer software. The next part of this test confirms that HPCs are reliably following the instructions. So far, their ability to demonstrate that they can use the device is 80 - 90% replicable.

The Personal Identification Test used with the stage 2 SoulSwitch prototype has provided ‘yes / no’ answers with 80 – 90% replicability. (By the way, the statistical probability of obtaining replicable ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers 9 out of 10 times by chance is only 1%.)

Here’s how the Personal Identification test works: imagine that Nikola Tesla is reported as being present by one or more evidential research mediums. A series of questions that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers is then asked by the computer: “Is your first name Nikola? Is your last name Pitstick?Were you born in Croatia? Were you ever married?” The correct answers to those questions should be: yes, no, yes, no. Again, accurate and consistent answers have been repeatedly obtained during experiments with three different HPCs.

For those who understand scientific research and the importance of trusting the data, a reliably functioning stage 1 SoulSwitch prototype is a life-altering discovery. It provides another layer of scientific evidence that life does not end after bodily death. This device also indicates that some postmaterial persons – those who have ‘passed on’ – can follow directions, understand human language, and communicate on at least a rudimentary basis. 

Those are amazing breakthroughs with many potential personal and worldwide benefits.

An apt analogy is to compare the stage 1 SoulPhone prototype to the Wright Brothers’ accomplishments. The first manned plane flight occurred on December 14, 1903. It lasted only 3 seconds . . . and then crashed. But Wilbur Wright wrote home afterwards, “There is now no question of final success. ”The Wright Brothers knew that human flight was possible". 

Likewise, the stage 1 SoulSwitch prototype isn’t a practical device that can be commercialized for people to use. But it does demonstrate that reliable and accurate communication with those whose earthly forms have died is possible. After the stage 1 prototype, Dr. Schwartz and his team knew that communication with postmaterial persons is possible.

It gets better! 

Dr. Schwartz and his team have just recently developed a stage 2 SoulSwitch prototype. This device provides real-time, live demonstrations showing clear evidence that HPCs can use the equipment to verify their presence. This prototype has been replicated numerous times with 80 - 90% replicability. In addition to the Personal Identification test, the Expert Knowledge Test provides a deeper level of certainty about the HPC’s identity and allows another layer of interaction.

With this test, a series of questions are asked about more detailed matters.  For example, Tesla, might be asked: “Did you discover the theory of relativity? Was your World Power System part of your plan for creating free energy for people around the world? Did you write the musical score for a famous Broadway play? Did you invent the capacitor discharge ignition system?” The correct answers to those questions should be: no, yes, no, yes.

The stage 2 SoulSwitch can also use pictures for a Cognitive Understanding Test. A series of animal photos are shown one at a time with the question “Is this a _____?” Some of the questions should be answered ‘yes’ while ‘no’ is the correct answer for others. For example, a picture of a cat is shown with the printed question “Is this a cat?” Obviously, the correct answer is ‘yes.’ Next, a picture of a horse is shown with the printed question,“Is this a bird?” so the correct answer is ‘no.’ Results from this test so far are in the 80 - 90% replicability range. This test further demonstrates that HPCs – ‘those living in spirit’ – still remember details from their time on earth and retain vocabulary skills.

These findings also indicate even more powerfully that postmaterial persons are alive and real. In addition, the results emphasize that they can and want to communicate with us.

Please take a moment to imagine the future implications of this technology for visiting with your ‘departed’ loved ones. In addition, just think of the healing and positively transformative possibilities – for you, your loved ones, and our planet – with input from exceptional ‘departed’ luminaries who now have a broader view of the greater reality. 

This level of ‘spirit communication’ technology is similar to the second Wright Brothers’ flight.

After repairs, their plane was again ready on December 17. The Flyer lifted off the launching rail with Orville at the controls, then came to rest with a thud 120 feet from where it had taken off. The flight lasted only 12 seconds, but a human had flown. Similarly, the stage 2 SoulSwitch prototype was the next level of demonstrating the living presence of people after bodily death. It clearly shows that postmaterial persons have communicated!

Although this technology provides definitive proof of the presence of ‘spirit’ and other important benefits, it isn’t yet practical for real-time communication. Why?

  1. Stage 2 SoulSwitch demonstrations currently take about 30 minutes. 
  2. This level of technology has not yet been tested with ‘ordinary people’, that is, those who were not superstar scientists, inventors, and performers.
  3. At this time, these demonstrations provide “only” the average of ten ‘yes’ and ten ‘no’ answers.That is, the technology does not yet provide individual answers to specific questions.
  4. Data analysis requires about 30 minutes to obtain the average of the answers.

Even so, the stage 2 SoulSwitch provides much evidence, reassurance, and hope.

That last word is very apropos because the first sessions with the technology will be called HOPE sessions.The acronym stands for: “Have an Objective Postmaterial Experience.”  We anticipate that this service will be available on a very limited basis by the fall of 2019.

Stay tuned for an announcement about when and where these sessions will be given.

The design of the HOPE sessions is still being planned. The identity of the postmaterial person – your ‘deceased’ loved one – may be demonstrated with the Personal Identification Test. The Expert Knowledge Test can provide even more convincing evidence about who is visiting.Further, it shows that they remember details about your time together on earth. For example, a bereaved parent might ask the following question of a son or daughter who has changed worlds: “Did you have a dog named Snoopy when you were a child? Did we give you a pocket knife for your tenth birthday? Was Freckles one of your nicknames?”  

Only the client, close family members, and the ‘departed’ loved one would know the answers to such personal and detailed questions. Receiving replicable answers can be the final proof for deeply realizing that life and love are forever. It could be like the moment in the movie Ghost when Demi Moore’s character finally realized that her beloved boyfriend was really alive and watching over her (If you haven’t seen this classic film lately, please do so to deepen your appreciation of how life transforming the SoulPhone can be for you and others). 

We also are evaluating whether the Expert Knowledge Test can be used to determine whether your beloved postmaterial persons (PMPs) are aware of recent events. Here’s how this may work: you could ask a series of questions for which some of the answers should be ‘yes’ and others should be ‘no.’ You might ask: ‘Did I miss a recent family Christmas party? Are you aware that mom was in the hospital last week? Did you know that I broke my leg last month? Were you present when our dog died this summer?’

For me, the correct answers would be ‘yes, yes, no, and no.’ Imagine that the Personal Identification Test showed that my Dad, who dropped his earth suit 11 years ago, was using the technology. His highly replicable answers would be a huge indication that he still cares and is aware of events in my daily life. I have tears in my eyes as I type this and anticipate soon knowing at a deeper level that he is alive and well. The prospect of enjoying a continued relationship with him via the SoulPhone devices boggles my mind and warms my heart.

As impressive as the Expert Knowledge Test might be, we anticipate that the Cognitive Understanding Test will be most comforting to those deeply grieving or missing a loved one.

In this portion of the HOPE session, photos will be provided by the client who hopes to visit with a postmaterial loved one. For example, if you are a female and want to communicate with your father who passed on, a photo of you as a child could be displayed with the question: “Is this a photo of me when I was a little girl?” A photo of a stranger could then be shown with the same question. A picture of you and your father at Disney World could be shown with the question, “Is this us on my sixteenth birthday?” 

I had goosebumps and a lump in my throat after Dr. Schwartz described this capability, and I realized the potential impact for those who are suffering and mourning.  But it gets even better!

This test could also be used to indicate that your postmaterial loved one cares enough to visit and be as involved as possible in your life. For example, you could show a photo taken last week of you and several family members, then ask: ‘Was this picture taken recently?’ The answer should be ‘yes.’ You could show a picture of you taken several years ago and ask, ‘Were you present when this photo was taken of me when I was sick last week?’ Whether your loved one knows it was an old photo, or he/she wasn’t present, the answer should be ‘no.’


What is the next stage? 

The stage 3 SoulSwitch prototype is anticipated to provide:

  1. real time answers from HPCs to individual questions
  2. verbal questions can be asked by the client instead of being computer programmed
  3. individual ‘yes / no’ answers will be provided for specific questions
  4. a commercializable device (whether that occurs or not is ultimately a business decision)
  5. the ability to create a SoulKeyboard to enable texting and typing with your dear ones
  6. an expanded ability to communicate with and benefit from the wisdom and perspective of postmaterial geniuses and visionaries

Achieving this level of technology will be very time consuming and require ultra-sophisticated and expensive equipment.  For example, it will require:

  • full time salaries for Dr. Schwartz, an electrical engineer, a software programmer, and fees for evidential research mediums and other consultants
  • a clean room free of: dust and other contaminants; interfering electromagnetic fields; and excess sound, vibration, and temperature fluctuations
  • expensive equipment
  • other related expenses

We appreciate our visionary members, donors, and future investors who can fathom the benefits of the SoulPhone Project for many people and our planet. Thus far, the University of Arizona has provided lab space, basic services, and the use of graduate assistants. But much of the funding has come from forward looking and caring individuals.

A Wright Brothers’ analogy?The stage 3 SoulSwitch will be like the first plane to transport people and cargo over moderate distances.


And after that?

Do you know how much planes have developed since those first flights?  Worldwide, in 2017 commercial airlines carried over four billion passengers on scheduled flights.What are the future possibilities for the SoulPhone?

  • SoulKeyboard™ is anticipated to allow texting and typing with postmaterial family, friends, and experts in every field of expertise.
  • SoulVoice™ is envisioned to enable talking with your dear ones who are living in another part of forever.
  • SoulVideo™ promises to allow hearing and seeing those who are experiencing the field of all possibilities from a different observation point.
  • SoulPhone apps are foreseen to be used with any smart personal device. 
  • Worldwide webinars with postmaterial geniuses in science, health care, religion, law, environmental protection, leadership, education, world peace, and more.


And after that?

Dr. Schwartz is already looking ahead to achieving 3D holographic, live images for visits and assistance from those in another part of forever. Can you imagine?

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Life and love are forever.Shall we live accordingly? 

Mark Pitstick