Much clinical, scientific, and empirical evidence clearly indicates that physical death
is NOT the end of your life, just an entry point into the next phase of it.


This evidence is creating an unprecedented paradigm shift.  The impact of this evidence will increase greatly if and when university based spirit-communication technology emerges. We are preparing as many people as possible to realize:

  • their consciousness/spirit/energy does not cease 
  • the many benefits of that great news
  • how they can serve others and make the world a better place

Gary E. Schwartz PhD is a clinically and spiritually minded scientist. Mark Pitstick MA, DC is a scientifically and spiritually minded clinician. Together, they wrote the Greater Reality Living book. With the assistance of many brilliant and dedicated staff members, the SoulPhone Foundation and Greater Reality Living groups were created. 

Greater reality is a term that describes the 99.9% of life that cannot be detected by your senses, but is nonetheless very real.

Greater reality living is a term that invites you to consider how you might live differently and treat others when you really know life continues after physical death.

Our mission is to increase awareness about the greater reality,
and how that affects the way we live and treat ourselves and others.

Greater Reality Living® is part of the SoulPhoneFoundation , a non-profit 510(c) charitable organisation.  The SoulPhoneFoundation's Federal Identification Number (FIN) is: 81-4529985.