April 2020



Dear SoulPhone family,

Many wonderful benefits accompany recent definitive scientific demonstrations by Dr. Gary Schwartz and his team of researchers at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona.

As you may know -- but many people do not yet -- these studies clearly show that life continues after bodily death. And, in turn, this scientific data increases our degree of certainly about other great news suggested by clinical evidence.

These benefits are all the more important to know and show during challenging times like the ones we're experiencing right now.

Several synchronicities about silver linings' motivated us to write a short article entitled 'Follow the Silver Lining Road'. Feel free to share it with others. It's not just wishful positive thinking; it's an informed perspective when you know about the greater reality of life.

Here's the link 'Follow the Silver Lining Road'.

It's also available as article 59 at SoulProof.com.

Blessings, best wishes, and sanitary hugs,