April extra 2020


Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,

I hope you and yours are healthy, happy, and finding blessings in this unique time.
I'd like to share this month . . .
 1. You can watch my 'Optimally Handling the Pandemic and Other Life Challenges' on YouTube.    
This 35-minute video addresses 8 of the most commonly asked questions about the pandemic: Why did God allow this? Is God punishing us? Why did God create viruses in the first place? How can I find and share the silver linings to this challenge? How can I decrease the chances of getting ill and minimizing symptoms when I do? and more.
If you find it of value, please share with your family, friends, and social media.
2. Multicenter study preparation is nearly completed.
Two sets of lab equipment will soon be shipped to the first two multicenter labs: a respected institute, and the private lab of a well-known PhD scientist. After that, a large university in the midwest, and the private lab of a physician and physicist. Then two prestigious universities.
That will complete the current Plasma Globe System (PGS) studies. That replication goes beyond usual requirements for definitive scientific proof, but we must do that given the nature of this study. Then another scientific paper and book documenting all the evidence that clearly shows:
a. life continues after bodily death
b. at least some postmaterial persons can communicate with us
3. Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) research has begun! 
 Three programmers are creating software for the ESS device. Two electrical engineers are working on the initial hardware. Unlike the PGS, ESS will provide instantaneous and individual 'yes / no' answers from postmaterial persons. The size, accuracy, and reliability of ESS will enable creation of the SoulKeyboard to allow texting and typing with 'departed' dear ones and luminaries. And that, my friends, will begin ushering in a new and wonderful era for humanity.
You can assist completion of the ESS and SoulKeyboard devices. Becoming a foundation member -- even at just $5 per month -- directly funds research and development at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. To see the list of gifts you receive, visit Benefits for Members and Donors.
4. You can watch Dr. Schwartz's recent teleseminar! This 70-minute video covers three topics including the SoulPhone Project and how extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and ethics. His slides and graphs show results of recent experiments at two labs with double blinded conditions testing four well-known postmaterial persons. Their results were stellar, but we have come to expect that.
5. The new SoulPhone.org website is completed! Visit this beautiful upgrade to learn the latest great news from the SoulPhone Project. SoulPhone.org
I hope this newsletter helps you more deeply know and show that your brief earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst eternity.
Blessings and sanitary hugs,