Feb 2020


Special Valentine’s Day Message


Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,

On Valentine's Day, people are reminded to tell loved ones how much they care.

However, this day can also feel sad to those whose special ones are no longer living on earth. This is especially so the first several years after loved ones have passed on.

Here's some great news to remember . . .

1. Life and love do not end after death of the human body. We now know that more than ever before in human history. The earth-suit is a trivial part of who and what your dear one is (not was). Instead of focusing on that no-longer-needed snake skin, take time to appreciate all his / her love, energy, personality, memories, sense of human, intelligence, etc. All of that still exists!

2. You will see them again after you pass on. We know this from many documented near-death experiences. But it gets even better!

3. You likely can communicate with them now via my Facilitated After-Death Contact Technique, evidential mediums, induced ADC technique, and other ways. See article 9 Visiting with 'Departed' Loved Ones NOW at SoulProof.com to learn more.

4. The SoulPhone will soon greatly increase your ability to communicate. You live in a very exciting time:

a. Life after death has been scientifically demonstrated AND

b. It's very likely you will be able to communicate with your 'deceased' dear ones within just a few years. First with the SoulKeyboard via texting and typing. Then

SoulVoice so you can talk just like you can on the phone with someone on the other side of the planet. Finally, SoulVideo to see and hear them as you can now with others on earth via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. To learn more about these devices, visit Stages of Device Development at SoulPhone.org.

I hope this great news helps you feel more peace, joy, and love even though -- at the same time -- you might feel sad. To learn more about how to focus on higher energy emotions, see article #41 The A.R.T. Technique.

P.S. You can help speed up the timeline for communicating with your loved ones via SoulPhone devices. Become a foundation member -- even for just $5 per month -- to fund research and development for the SoulKeyboard. To see the list of gifts you receive, visit Benefits for Members and Donors.

Happy Valentines Day,

Mark and the SoulPhone team