Jan 2020


Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,

Welcome to this month's updates! Lots to share in this month's edition . . .

1. 2020 Update on SoulPhone is available: You can read this update and share with your loved ones two ways:

2. SEED and HOPE Events postponed for exciting reasons!

Four experiments involving over a thousand recording sessions and millions of pieces of data occurred at three different test centers in 2019. Using the Plasma Globe System, the totality of the replicated findings makes it very clear that:

a. Life continues after bodily death.

b. The postmaterial collaborators were able to generate accurate ‘yes / no’

responses during multiple tests. (see 2019 Update to learn more)

We were going to use the Plasma Globe System to publicly demonstrate (a) and (b) above during the SEED events and HOPE sessions.

However, three recent technological breakthroughs make development of an Electronic SoulSwitch (ESS) a practical possibility, perhaps as soon as 2020. Creating software and hardware for the ESS has already begun and early research may start in March 2020.

A highly reliable and accurate ESS should allow development of a SoulKeyboard. The keyboard will, much like earthly versions of that technology, enable texting and typing with two groups of postmaterial persons:

a.) ‘Departed’ loved ones: the comfort and joy from really knowing our loved ones are alive and well – and enjoying communication with them – will be extraordinary. 

b.) ‘Deceased’ luminaries: many scientists, inventors, leaders, and others want to help us heal our world. They are willing and able to conduct webinars that can help us solve our biggest personal and global challenges.

The Plasma Globe System was never envisioned to produce a commercializable device such as the keyboard. However, we anticipate -- based on past findings -- that the ESS will do just that.

Delaying the SEED events and HOPE sessions should result in much more impressive, powerful, and reassuring experiences. The greatly enhanced technology of the ESS should provide more accurate and instantaneous demonstrations for both SEED and HOPE.

3. Greater Reality Living groups

Greater Reality Living groups continue to form in different countries. To see if there is a group in your area, click here.   

If there isn’t a group near you yet – we are just getting started – consider starting one in your area. For more info, visit Facilitate a Group.

4. You can make a difference!

Thank you for becoming a foundation member -- even if it's $5 per month. Your donations will help pay for the ESS research and development costs. To see the list gifts for those who donate, visit Benefits for Members and DonorsThank you for sharing this news with others and preparing yourself for the upcoming paradigm shift as more people realize . . .