July 2019


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In this month's newsletter, I want to answer a common question . . .
When will the SoulPhone finally be ready? We get asked this question several times per week. Most recently, Charlotte asked: "I love your articles. Just wondering what is taking longer than necessary if the SoulPhone was supposed to be finished in 2018?"

I replied, "Thank you for this great question. I'm sure others are confused by the arcane scientific terms. The statement in the article you read said: 'A prototype of the first device, the SoulSwitch, may be reliably functioning as soon as 2018.' That did occur, but it's 'just' the stage 1 prototype of the switch; it isn't the final version of the SoulPhone. "
Please bear in mind . . .
a.) The "just" stage 1 prototype of the SoulSwitch definitively demonstrated that life continues after bodily death. That, in itself, is one of -- if not THE -- greatest discovery in the history of humankind. Think about it: we could survive without cars and planes. Yes, life would be different, but we would survive.

But consider the question of afterlife survival. The fear that NOTHING exists after bodily death has haunted and hamstrung humans since recorded time. After working with many suffering and dying people, I know firsthand just how deep this fear runs. AND NOW, for the first time ever, scientific research at a top university has shown that life continues after death of the human form.
We will officially announce this and much more after the release of Dr. Schwartz's journal article, findings by multi-center studies at major universities, his next book Extraordinary Claims, and his university presentations. (By the way -- and you heard it here first -- I predict that Dr. Schwartz will be a Nobel Prize recipient for his life and world transforming work.)
b.) The completed stage 2 prototype of the SoulSwitch has established that those living in another dimension have cognitive understanding, that is, they remember words and concepts from their time on earth. They can identify themselves by accurately answering a series of yes / no Personal Identity questions. They can further establish their identity by correctly answering Expert Knowledge questions that very few people know.

This phase of the SoulPhone project shows that at least some postmaterial persons want to and can communicate with us. You may say: "I know that. My aunt Dorothy spoke to me in a dream." I appreciate the many comforting firsthand experiences people have had. But those don't convince skeptics or deeply reassure those who are dying or have a loved one crossing over.
c. Developing technology to communicate with people living in another realm is a HUGE project. I posted two photos below to illustrate how long it's taken for the telephone to progress. It took 106 years to progress from Bell's first (wooden) phone to the first mobile phone. (The latter was a massive device by today's standards. Weighing 2 1/2 pounds, it could only be used for 20 minutes before the battery died.)
In 2019, we take for granted how small, reliable, and amazing smart phone technology is. But it took over 130 years to reach that point. So thank you for being patient and supportive as we work toward the phase 3 SoulSwitch prototype. That phase of the SoulPhone will allow creation of a SoulKeyboard to allow texting and typing with those who have changed worlds. And that, my friends, will greatly amp up the quality and quantity of communication with 'deceased' loved ones and luminaries who want to help us heal our world.

The phase 3 switch requires a full time electrical engineer, software programmer, assistants, a clean room, and expensive technology. All that will cost about $1.5 million. That's why we appreciate you becoming a member, donating, and telling others about this project. The more people who assist this project, the sooner it will be available.
I look forward to showing a photo of this device someday!

Life and love are forever,

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Director of SoulPhone Foundation

Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups





University-based scientific research has definitively demonstrated that life continues after bodily death. How might this great news change the way you live and treat yourself and others?



Photo #1: replica of Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone patented in 1876. Photo #2: first mobile phone produced nearly 40 years ago.


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