June 2019




Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,


Lots of exciting news this month!

1. The SoulSwitch prototype keeps improving!
The first SoulPhone device continues to get smaller, less expensive, and faster. Software specialists assisting Dr. Schwartz are responsible for part of these improvements.
2. More about MCMBRCT!
Dr. Schwartz and his team are preparing for the first multi-centered, multi-blinded, randomized control trials at other universities. He is 99% certain that his article will be accepted by a scientific journal. Two laboratories have contacted him already, but it will be several months before everything is ready to proceed.
Again, this research step is essential before public announcements at universities late this year that: 
a. definitive and replicated scientific demonstrations show that life
continues after bodily death
b. communication with post-material persons has occurred

These two scientifically-based statements are, needless to say, historic, exciting, and hope inspiring!
3. More Greater Reality Living (GRL) group facilitators are starting their training.
Facilitators in four countries are receiving training to start groups. Click here to see the many benefits of leading a group in your area.
Recently, 23 people (see photo below) met in Austin TX. They learned about the scientific, clinical, and empirical (based on firsthand experience) evidence that bodily death is NOT the end of life.
NOTE: you can watch short videos on this and other topics at the Greater Reality Living section of YouTube.
Attendees then shared personal experiences that woke them up to the fact that there is MUCH more to life than meets the eye. They asked questions and discussed afterlife topics in the safe, inclusive, and nonjudgmental environment that the GRL groups provide.
To learn more about these groups, visit GRL Groups.

Online GRL group meetings will begin in September. Stay tuned!
4. Thank you and welcome to our new SPF / GRL members! You can become a member for as little as $5 per month. Learn more about gifts for each membership level. Most importantly, you are contributing to this historical project that already is helping many people around the world.
A new member wrote: "Wow! I just saw the many benefits and consider it a good deal for my membership level. And that doesn't even mention that I am part of history! Thank you."
5. A very interesting after-death communication (ADC) . . .

I’ve heard and read about many ADCs and have experienced a few myself. Cherra, whose son Garrett passed on just three months ago, shared a profound and amazing ADC with ties to the SoulPhone.

In 2011, she became very interested in consciousness and afterlife topics. This knowledge was a true life-saver when her son passed on March 5, 2019. On March 11, she called the office of Dr. Gary Schwartz to learn more about communication technology with post-material ('deceased') persons. One way I help Gary is to save him time, so I called Cherra a few days later. We exchanged several emails and I shared resources such as article #2 at SoulProof.com to help her heal and transform.

She was considering flying from AZ to FL for my two-hour talk on May 30th about the SoulPhone and greater reality living. On May 6, Cherra emailed a potential AirBNB host in Florida. The host inquired about the presentation Cherra might attend. Here is an abbreviated version of her answer: ‘It’s an unveiling of research being done at the University of Arizona on the SoulPhone. Dr. Gary Schwartz's work is as important to the evolution of human consciousness studies as the Wright Brothers' first flight was for modern day airlines.”

That night, Cherra woke up and felt something on her foot, but went back to sleep and didn't investigate. In the morning, she reached down and found a quarter on her foot. Cherra looked at it and saw it commemorated the Wright Brothers flight. She cried and laughed and knew it was from her son, especially since they collected coins together when he was young. She also took it as a sign to attend my presentation. (see photo of quarter below)

Cherra is still understandably in a lot of pain and shock, but she credits her study of afterlife evidence and this ADC with helping her survive. I find her experience to be a powerful example of how your 'departed' loved ones can orchestrate detailed events to get your attention. Like Demi Moore’s character in the movie Ghost after seeing a penny floating in the air, these ADCs can help you have a breakthrough instead of a breakdown.

Life and love are forever,

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Director of SoulPhone Foundation

Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups





University-based scientific research has definitively demonstrated that life continues after bodily death. How might this great news change the way you live and treat yourself and others?


Images below: Cherra's quarter and GRL group meeting in Austin, TX

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