March 2019


Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,


Lots of exciting news to share this month so let's dive in!
1. We continue to replicate experiments that clearly show:
a. life continues after physical death
b. at least some postmaterial persons (those whose human form has died
but are nonetheless very much alive and well) can communicate with
those of us on earth.
In a perfect world, those two pieces of information would be on the evening news and the front page of every newspaper / blog / web newsite in the world. In due time.
See our Update on 'Spirit' Communication Technology to learn more about the research and anticipated devices.

2. I recently returned after working for two months as a research assistant at Dr. Schwartz's lab. (see photo below) As such, I saw the graphs, statistical analyses, calculations, and images with my own two eyes. I can reassure you that bodily death is nothing to fear because the human shell is much less than 1% of who and what you really are. And you, subscribers to our newsletter, are among the first people on the planet to know the scientific demonstrations that clearly show that.
During a break from research, we mused about how long it took for news that the world wasn't flat in the 1400's. For how long did people dread boat trips for fear on falling over the edge? In 2019, we have such rapid information sharing abilities and ask your help in sharing this great news with everyone you know.
Sound impossible? Visit Skeptics Corner to read Dr. Schwartz's responses to commonly asked questions.

3. Training of Greater Reality Living group facilitators has begun. Last week, I trained 20 people from four different countries to start groups. The group in Austin, TX already has 25 people signed up for the first meeting. This is a great example of how much interest there is around the world about these groups. To review what they cover, visit Greater Reality Living Groups.

4. We now offer 7 benefits for group facilitators:
a. Twelve hours of online training via Zoom with yours truly. You will be able to ask your toughest questions about life, death, and afterlife at the end of each training session.
b. Being 'in the queue' for a private session with the first SoulPhone technology (note: this does not include the cost of the session)
c. Free admission to all Greater Reality Living group meetings and, after three months of service as a facilitator, complimentary admissions to my webinars.
d. Free digital copy of the Greater Reality Living book.
e. Two complimentary digital products from Store at after three months of active service as a facilitator.

f. Two additional complimentary products after each three months as an active facilitator.

g. Most importantly, a meaningful opportunity to many people in your community. Through our collective outreaches, our world can improve in all aspects. It all starts with sharing information and making connections with others in your community!

5. Part-time Volunteer Executive Assistant needed!. One of our volunteer project managers, who earlier worked with multi-billion dollar enterprises, needs some assistance. We are looking for the right person to answer inquiries, process forms, file in the cloud, and look after our Facilitator forum. She / he should feel comfortable with apps and cloud based tools. Needs to be available 5 - 8 hours per week.


University-based scientific research has now definitively demonstrated that life continues after bodily death. How might this great news change the way you live and treat yourself and others?




Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Director of SoulPhone Foundation

Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups

(photo of my office in the Susy Smith Room at the University of AZ Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.)