March 2020


Monopoly, the Coronavirus, and The Big Picture of Life

It’s Just a Game

by Mark Pitstick MA, DC

(Note: I am not minimizing anyone’s suffering during this time of illness, death, financial loss, and disruption of our lives. I am, however, encouraging you to remember the big picture of life now and always. Doing that will serve you well during all your earthly adventures.)

Recently, I was playing the game of Monopoly® with my seven and nine-year-old grandkids. (Grandpa heaven!) Stella was losing at the time and was looking and feeling suitably miserable. John was winning and smiling. I thought it was a good time to mention that it’s just a game. Further, we always have a choice to decide how we react to life’s ups and downs.

Many years ago, I heard an important message in a song by jazz bassist legend Stanley Clarke: “So life is just a game and there are many ways to play, and all you do is choose.”

Hard to beat that device, especially now that scientific research by Gary Schwartz PhD at the University of Arizona has definitively shown that life continues after the body dies. This groundbreaking evidence puts a new and improved spin on every aspect of life.

As I write this article on 3/17/20, many people are suffering and dying from the coronavirus. Others, myself included, have lost a lot of their savings. For many, work and other facets of life have been altered drastically.

Yes, we should follow advice by the WHO and CDC, but we also should strive to maintain a big picture of life perspective. Over time, most people will get better, social distancing won’t be necessary, and investments will recover. For those whose earthly bodies perish, they will be enjoying the next phase of never-ending but often changing life.

What about the Monopoly game, you ask? Eventually, Stella won. Having hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place will do that. John was wiped out and walked away with his head down and a big frown on his face. I gently said, ‘Johnny, remember the little talk we had about how you can always find silver linings no matter what happens in life?’ He paused for a moment, straightened up, and with a smile on his face exclaimed: ‘OK, I’ll be your partner, Grandpa.’ (More Grandpa heaven!)

He sat on my lap and basically took over playing until we hit Boardwalk three times in four trips around the board. (Do you know what the statistical probability of that happening is? Was Stella unknowingly using the law of attraction to affect our dice roll?)

Then we moved on to the next game.

I hope this little reminder helps you see beyond the current dark clouds and look for the blessings. With the extra time I’ve gained, I’ve enjoying reading, listening to music, watching comedy videos, and improving my chess game. All much overdue after working nonstop on the SoulPhone Project for the last 3 ½ years. I also wrote this post and the one below.


Here’s a link to an ‘Immune Enhancement Program’ handout I recently posted. It’s article 57 at

Love, blessings, and sanitary hugs,


Image by LuckLife 11 via Pixabay.