November 2018


1. B ig breakthrough with the SoulSwitch!

The stage 2 prototype is reliably working and has been replicated. It can be used to demonstrate the presence of hypothesized collaborating post material persons and establish, with a high degree of certainty, their identity.

However, it is not yet a practical stage 3 prototype that can be commercialized.
Planning is now underway to consider when and to whom to demonstrate this stage of the technology.
Is this exciting or what?!

2. Why is it taking so long for a publicly available SoulPhone?

We totally understand those who are chomping at the bit and asking, "When will I be able to use the SoulPhone to visit with my dear ones who changed worlds?" We live in a 'I want it right now' world and have become used to ultra modern smart devices.
However, consider this . . . Alexander Graham Bell received the first U.S. patent for the telephone in 1876. In 1976, people were still using rotary dial phones and phone booths. It wasn't until 2003 -- 127 years after Bell invented the phone -- that the first mobile phone was release.
It weighed seventy pounds and required two brawn people to hold. OK, I might be exaggerating, but it was much larger and heavier than current day smart phones.

Oh, and one other small detail . . . the SoulPhone is designed to communicate with those who have passed on and are observing the greater reality from a different part of the field of all possibilities. That seems mind-blowing and impossible to many -- and yet it is unfolding now.

I hope this helps you be more patient and realize what a big project this is. Dr. Schwartz and his team are working as quickly as possible. We understand that many people want to talk with 'departed' loved ones. Other people can hardly wait to learn vital information from luminaries whose earthly bodies died, but are very much alive and wanting to help those of us on earth.
3. Our facilitator managers are contacting potential group facilitators. 
We are starting with a group of thirty people who have expressed interest in starting a local group. Each manager will evaluate and work with five facilitators. We know that we will discover ways to improve as we go so we're taking small steps.

The plan is start online training of facilitators in January. I've created videos that will be used for group meetings. You can already see some of these on YouTube by searching for SoulPhone, Greater Reality
Living, Dr. Gary Schwartz, and Dr. Mark Pitstick.
Those who have read the Afterword of the Greater Reality Living book know what the A-Team said about the potential of these groups to positively impact many people and our world.
To learn more about starting a group in your area, visit Greater Reality Living groups and email us at

5. Edition 2 of The Greater Reality Living book is now available at Amazon and
6. Welcome to our new team members, that puts our volunteer team at twenty-five. However, we still need a solid IT person to oversee that area since the person who handled that in the past is too busy with his business. Contact me at if you feel the call.

7. The website is now almost fully functional. Special thanks to Rick Adams and his marketing team at . This allows us to move forward with forming groups since application, forms, etc. are available on the new site.