November 2019


Attend the First Public Scientific Demonstrations of Life After Death


Dear Soul Proof family, 

As a subscriber to the Soul Proof newsletter, you are one of the first people on the planet to learn about this historic event -- the first public scientific demonstrations that life continues after bodily death.
Have you seen photos of the first Wright brothers' flight and thought how amazing it would be to witness that? Or maybe you've seen photos of the people standing around Alexander Graham Bell as he made the first phone call. Perhaps, like me, you wondered how they were so lucky?

Now you can observe a new breakthrough that is as or even more important . . . scientific validation from research at the University of Arizona that the death of  your body is not the end of your life.

What's more, this technology shows basic communication using yes / no responses from those living in another dimension. This paves the way for increased interaction with post-material ('deceased') loved ones and luminaries who can assist our biggest challenges.

You have a historic opportunity to witness this life and world-changing technology.

The first SoulPhone / Education / Ethics Demonstration (SEED) events are scheduled for February 2020 in twelve cities in the southeast U.S. These full-day events will reveal and discuss the current "spirit" communication technology and how that can change your life and our world for the better.


What You Will See at SEED

  • Dr. Mark Pitstick, director of The SoulPhone Foundation, will be present at each SEED event to discuss the many benefits of this breakthrough.
  • Dr. Gary Schwartz, director of the SoulPhone Project, and Rhonda Schwartz, head research medium, will present via video-conferencing.
  • Dr. Schwartz will discuss the science and technology behind the SoulPhone Project.
  • Rhonda will talk about the A-Team - "deceased" luminaries who have assisted the SoulPhone research and development.
Dr. Schwartz and Pitstick will demonstrate the technology under three conditions:
1. baseline (no participant control)
2. with a human attendee touching the device
3. showing the presence of an A-team member.
Become Part of the Team
The registration price for SEED events is a donation toward SoulPhone research and development for the next phase of the technology: the SoulKeyboard.

You can show your support for this project AND witness the first public demonstrations. It could well be a life-transforming event for you and your loved ones.


Register now to get the early-bird discount. (CLICK HERE)
Note: Each attendee will also receive four hours of live webinars with Dr. Pitstick at no additional charge. He will discuss 'greater reality living', that is, how you may choose to live -- and treat yourself and others -- after you really know you are an eternal being. You will learn holistic strategies for fine-tuning your body and mind so you can more powerfully know and show that you are a timeless being of energy and consciousness.
Also be sure to see benefits for VIP registrants.
Thank you for telling everyone you know about this great news. The presence of life after death and ability of 'spirits' to communicate has now been definitively demonstrated scientifically.

You can believe now!

Life and love are forever . . . see for yourself!

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Director of SoulPhone Foundation
Founder of Greater Reality Living Groups