December 2018


Dear SoulPhone / Greater Reality Living family,

Greetings and welcome!
The greatest gift I can share with you is an update on the SoulPhone breakthrough.
Here is a summary of this potentially life and world changing news . . .
Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D. is a senior professor at the University of Arizona where he directs the Laboratory for Advancements in Consciousness and Health and the SoulPhone Project. Formerly a professor at Harvard University and tenured professor at Yale University, Dr. Schwartz has presented more than 450 scientific papers, co-edited 11 academic books, and written 8 books for the general public.
Dr. Schwartz – and a team of electrical engineers, software programmers, evidential mediums, and hypothesized postmaterial ('deceased') collaborators or HPCs – have worked for nearly ten years to create ‘spirit’ communication technology. This article describes a breakthrough in the development of a stage 2 SoulPhone technology. The device provides clear evidence with real-time, live demonstrations that at least some ‘deceased’ persons can use the equipment to demonstrate their presence.

Further, this device has been tested with (1.) the Operator Skills Test, (2.) the Personal Identification test, and (3.) the Cognitive Understanding test, and shows 80 – 90% replicability. The combination of these tests provide strong evidence of the HPC’s identity and allows for rudimentary communication.
To read the full article, click here:
Update on 'Spirit' Communication Technology
You can also read the full article by visiting and clicking on the top tab Update on 'Spirit' Communication Technology
As described in my book Soul Proof and the Greater Reality Living book by Dr. Schwartz and me, much scientific, clinical, and empirical evidence now clearly shows that life does not end when your human form dies. The SoulPhone breakthrough greatly adds to this evidence.
I hope the update about this university-based 'spirit' communication technology warms your heart, inspires your greatest self, and encourages you to share your special gifts and love -- no matter what is happening to or going on around you.
f, and encourages you to share your special gifts and love -- no matter what i
Life and love are forever. Shall we live accordingly?

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Director of The SoulPhone Foundation
Founder of Greater Reality Living groups