Greater Reality Living®

Integrating the Evidence for Eternal Consciousness into Your Daily Life

Much evidence strongly indicates that bodily death is not the end of your life, but rather an entry point into the next phase of life. This evidence, combined with emerging spirit communication technology in 2018, will very likely create a major shift in the human experience.

Our goal is to provide an evidence-based integrative foundation for expanding your awareness of the greater reality, the vast portion of life that cannot be perceived by your five senses. We hope to prepare you and as many people as possible to realize that life continues after physical death. From that perspective, you can best choose how to live, treat others and yourself, and enjoy greater reality living.

Please read those two paragraphs again and then answer the following questions:

1. Would you like to learn the collective evidence that life
    continues after bodily death?

2. Do you want to internalize the great news that physical death is not an end?

3. Are you ready to vitalize yourself holistically so you can handle all of life’s demands, changes and
    challenges with style?

4. Would you like to know and enjoy the many benefits of # 1 - 3?

5. Do you want to serve others to help them and yourself, and make the world a better place?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions, you
may be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn.


The Greater Reality Living book teaches you the LIVES formula:

  1. Learn the evidence that life continues after physical death.                 
  2. Internalize the comforting and inspiring news that life is eternal.
  3. Vitalize and balance yourself holistically.
  4. Enjoy the many benefits of greater reality living. 
  5. Serve others to help them - and yourself - and make the world a better place. 

In addition, this book serves as a guidebook for Greater Reality Living Groups