Many people have expressed their desire to meet with open-minded and open-hearted people online and in their community. They want a safe, nonjudgmental, inclusive, and respectful place where they can learn more about the evidence of life after physical death, share their personal experiences, learn meaningful answers to life's biggest questions and challenges, and meet other kindred spirits. 

Our Vision: 

Increasing awareness that your life continues after physical death  and how that can improve the way you live and treat others now.

Greater Reality Living® online and local groups provide all that with the 5 LIVES keys: 
  1. Learn the scientific, clinical, and empirical evidence that life continues after bodily death
  2. Internalize the great news that you are a forever being
  3. Vitalize and holistically balance yourself
  4. Enjoy the many benefits of # 1 - 3
  5. Serve others to help yourself and make the world a better place 

We offer resources and hope for those who are searching and suffering, especially if you are:

  1. grieving the passing of a loved one
  2. fearing your own bodily death 
  3. struggling with the suicide of a dear one 
  4. in the process of your body dying
  5. suffering with difficulties such as failed relationships, physical / mental illness, broken dreams, financial loss, lack of purpose, or addicted loved ones 
  6. considering suicide 
  7. mourning the passing of a beloved pet 
  8. wrestling with past cultural, educational, or religious teachings that don’t make sense to you now 
  9. searching for sensible answers to life’s biggest challenges 
  10. desiring to enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned 
  11. wanting to transform yourself and our planet for the better


We hope you will join us and tell others about the information, inspiration, love, support, and networking in Greater Reality Living groups.