How Would You Actually Change?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Imagine this.

The near future, near you.

Post-material person (AKA 'spirit' in the old vernacular) communication technology is accessible, reliable and affordable. 

You can consistently carry on text conversations with passed family members, friends and whomever else decides to keep you on their contact list :)

How would you change your everyday habits, actions, and life here in the physical world?

Would you develop deeper empathy, compassion and communication skills with others of different backgrounds and interests in your community?

Would you rely on guidance from your post-material persons over-zealously and forgot about your own experience, wisdom and hard-won knowledge from your life?

Would you fall into complacency and resume your typical activities after the 'newness' wears off and your daily chores, routines and mental chatter take over?

One of the Greater Reality Living keys is to fully integrate this knowledge. That is, to internalize full understanding that consciousness continues after death: To take it from an intellectual appreciation into a full realization that informs and transmutes your life into a greater sense of peace, clarity and calmness.

Think of it like this. The use of social media doesn't shield you from the ups and downs of life. In its optimal usage, it provides a fuller sense of community and connection. It can create a bond in finding people of similar experience and interest, giving you a virtual hand and effectively informing in times of curiosity or need.

Direct media connection with family members and friends who no longer have physical form will also provide that benefit, while wonderfully providing a greater sense of wholeness and continuity in people's lives. Lives that often are hampered by defeatist self-talk, anxiety or fear can shift toward a lighter path.

Self-work is not easy, nor is it instant. But it is richly rewarding. SoulPhone technology and self-education through Greater Reality Living provide a fantastic avenue to greater understanding of your role in the bigger picture of life and consciousness beyond your current physical space and place. 

How are you changing now in simply thinking about the possibilities?

How will you change when it is a certainty in your mind?

Can you imagine?


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