SoulPhone and money

Monday, December 10, 2018

By Joshua Bagby

A comment in a recent blog post posed this question: "If these [SoulPhone] people are really that in tune with spirits, why is everything they are doing being trademarked? Wouldn’t it be more in tune with the spiritual to develop and create something that can be more freely distributed and improved upon by others, such as leaving it open source, and not trademarking brands?"

Dr. Mark Pitstick, Director of the SoulPhone™ Foundation, fielded it with this statement:

Thank you for posing this good question, but would you ask it of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and expect a free smart phone or computer? Would you ask Elon Musk to give everyone a Tesla automobile? Expecting cutting edge scientists and inventors to give away their technology is not practical or fair. Here are several reasons why.

First, where did the idea come from that spiritually-based services should be free? Most religious and spirituality groups have a material building and paid staff. Evidential mediums charge for their services as do authors and lecturers in the field. The products and services of a 'spiritual' provider should be honored with payment. It costs money to live and produce those services.

Second, the equipment and staffing required to produce such digital-age technology is extremely expensive. Some of the top team members have contributed their own money to move the work forward. Gary and Rhonda Schwartz have worked nearly nonstop for ten years on this project -- largely without pay.

Next, even more funds will be required to move this technology to a commercializable stage. For example, the budget for moving from the stage two to stage three prototype for the SoulSwitch is about two million dollars.

Finally, trademarks, patents, and intellectual property rights are needed to protect people from imitations that lack accuracy, reliability, and/or integrity.

Dr. Schwartz and his team deeply want to provide this technology at a very reasonable cost to as many people as possible. However, for all the reasons listed above, the technology will be protected and will not, at least for the foreseeable future, be shared at no cost.



The material in this blog is the visionary speculation of Joshua Bagby. It has not been subjected to the rigors of scientific inquiry. The reader should not assume that the views expressed here are the official positions of the SoulPhone Foundation. Joshua Bagby is a visionary writer currently residing in Oregon. He applies afterlife research to fiction and nonfiction to envision a better life for all humanity.



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