Welcome to the Facilitators' section


'Facilitator' is our term for people who help start and run local Greater Reality Living® groups. 

You need a user name and password to access this section. You will receive these after you have been accepted as a Facilitator.  To apply for this role please fill out our Facilitator Application Form.


***   New Group Format   ***

Please note: There will be no live webinar training this season

With the successful and highly enjoyable completion of our first series  earlier in 2019, we are pleased to be offering a new and improved series of webinars.   Due to popular demand, we are now offering simplified formatted group videos, experiential audios and presentations to our approved Facilitators who will share these with their local groups at their regular meetings.

The new series explains the LIVES formula for  integrating the scientific and clinical evidence of survival into our daily lives. Dr Pitstick will also be sharing the latest exciting news about The SoulPhone™ in each series as it becomes available.

All sessions are now available for access by our verified Facilitators with log-in access from our website, including videos, audio experiential sessions and presentations which can be accessed online.  

We offer monthly mentoring sessions for Facilitators who would like to meet with others online to ask questions or to share experiences about how to set-up, grow and enhance their groups.

Please contact us at info@GreaterRealityLiving.com if you have any questions or problems.